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The Girl and The Corona Virus

The girl and the Corona Virus is a story of a girl and her family self isolating at home. She discovers her mother has bought a mound of toilet rolls which she assumes were bought as toys. With her brother she uses them to engage in imaginary play. She learns from a wise old women how to keep connected with people she cares about using virtual hugs. These also involve adaptations of loving kindness and self compassion meditations. Its a story to encourage connectedness and wellbeing in a time of adversity.

The Girl who hated mistakes

This story follows the experiences of a girl who hates making mistakes. Meeting an old woman on the way home from school she complains of not liking to make mistakes. She is offered a way to to stop making them and readily accepts. However, she soon discovers there is a cost to not making mistakes. A cost that before long makes her yearn to make mistakes again. It is a tale designed for children who experience anxiety because of having unrealistic expectations about not making mistakes.

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